Elsa, the most famous prophet of God. Her birth marked the turning of an age as did her death. The four hundred years in which she was alive is historically referred to as the Age with Elsa. Her divinity was marked by her Commonly, that’s shortened to WE (With Elsa). The time before he birth marked as BE (before Elsa) and the time after her death is marked AE (after Elsa)

AE: After Elsa

WE: With Elsa

BE: Before Elsa

Flow of Time – Day, as in a 24 hour day – Week, 7 days, they are as follows: Thoren’s Day, Gabriel’s Day, Joshua’s Day, Aster’s Day, David’s Day, Elsa’s Day, and finally the day of worship, God’s Day – months Olfric’s month(31), Gathrek’s month (28 or 29), Deso’s month (31), Raemon’s month (30), Derek’s month (31), Ilmer’s month (30), Rubort’s month (31), Aewdard’s month (31), Quaetlein’s month (30), Daerron’s month (31), Brendoen’s month (30), Thaen’s Month (31) – Year: all the 12 months – Decade = 10 years, Century = 100 years – Since this calendar repeats itself every 400 years, every 400 years is considered an age. Dates would be recorded as follows: Day of
the week], [Month and day number], Year [X] of the [X] Age

3000 BE – Farming is discovered. Soon after, rough feudalistic society is established. First recorded history.

2500 BE – First recorded nation, Tygra, is established. Within a few decades, Mykesia is established as well. First Kings are recorded. The cities are at odds for power.

2000 BE – The sailors leave Yemai and find Jova. Tygra subjugates Mykesia. The first Emperor is appointed. Tygras rule over Yemai grows exponentially.

1600 BE – The Great Falling Occurs. Earth quakes destroy Most all of the civilization on Yemai. Those left struggle to survive. The Falling is believed to have poisoned all the springs and rivers in Yemai, turning those who drink from them into mindless blood thirsty monsters. Many survivors flee to Jova. The Dark Age ensues. Little is known of the next eight hundred years of Yemish history.

1000 BE – First Jarls and Holds emerge.

900 BE – First Kritoff Ulmer becomes the first High Jarl, uniting three of the six holds under him. He reigns from Kaldr Toft. The unconquered Holds become known as the Free Holds.

800 BE – Ulmers are overthrown in a coup. The united Jarls believed the conquest for the Free Holds was too costly. Soon after the Coup, civil war breaks out among the Holds of Kaldr Toft Unknown saviors land in Yemai and rid the land of it scourge and plague. They leave as soon as their work is done. Nothing else is known about them.

600 BE – Mykesia is reestablished. Soon after, Tygra follows. The Free Holds unite under Kaldr Reach and peace is made with Kaldr Toft. It doesn’t last very long.

500 BE – First contact with people outside the Isles is achieved. Mykesia and Tygra soon become trade meccas. Other cities emerge.

400 BE – The Northern cities band together with Tygra and become Tyroshi and begin a conquest to rebuild the old Empire starting with Southern Yemai. After Tamoca, a major city at the time, is sacked, the southern cities unite into a conglomeration called Acenadoa.

300 BE – After a hundred years of bloody wars and fickle peaces, the two countries finally agree to start joint conquest to grow their Empires over the world. They start with Jova but are unsuccessful. However they move on and over the next two hundred years grow their domain over much of the world.

100 BE – The Royal Family of Acenadoa is butchered by Emperor Demetri Clevus. Certain Lords in Acenadoa rebel but ultimately yield or are exiled. Tygra becomes the seat of the Empire. Another attempt is made to subdue Jova. However, the Reach and the Toft unite temporarily to fight off their common foe. A laconic peace is experienced soon after the Empire is pushed back. They soon return to their civil war.

40 WE – Elsa and the other prophets begin their ministry.

200 WE – The Empire becomes too large to manage. Rebellions across their domain begin to ebb away at their influence and power. Jovans still kill each other.

350 WE – The Empire’s last vestiges outside Yemai disappear. Acenadoa rebels. Knowing their cannot survive the rebellion of Acenadoa, The Lords in Tyroshi organize a coup. The last of the Clevus line are slaughtered and Acenadoa is granted its independence.

16 AE – The nobility are overthrown and exiled in Acenadoa. Democracy begins to take root. After a few decades, it evolves into a senatorial democracy.

21 AE – District system is established in Acenadoa.

46 AE – Demosthenes Katsaros starts a brief war with Acenadoa in an ill-fated attempt to rekindle the now defunct Empire. However, both the countries eventually agree the blood shed would be worse for both sides. Katsaros still harbors a desire to rebuild the old Empire.

57 AE – Civil War breaks out in Acenadoa. Many citizens in the South District believe their representation is unfair: hundreds of thousands more people lived in the south and yet found themselves represented by only as many senators as the north. To maintain peace, Acendoa rearranges itself into six districts.

63 AE – The Far District is established.

Current Date: Joshua’s Day, 15th Day of Dereks Month, Year 63 of the first Age After Elsa

Setting: You are in the employ of ambitious senator Daedalus Demikron. Why or how you got there is up to you. You’ve been working with him for at least a year. You’ve learned he’s quite a morally ambiguous fellow.


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